Providing your API key

This page outlines how to connect your woocommerce store to requires your API key to be able to read and write to your woocommerce store.

The API key requires read and write permissions to fully utilize

New version
Woocommerce v3.5 (WordPress 4.9)
New version

Woocommerce v3.5 (WordPress 4.9)
  1. In woocommerce, go to woocommerce > settings and click the advanced tab

  2. Next click the REST API link

  3. Create a new API key by clicking add key

  4. Enter the key details

    1. Description: E.g "engage"

    2. User: Select an admin user (required)

    3. Permissions: Select read/write (required)

  5. Click Generate API key

  6. Copy your keys to the corresponding fields during setup of engage

  7. Set your endpoint URL. This is usually just the URL to your store (the URL used to reach your woocommerce store start page)

Include HTTP:// or HTTPS:// in your endpoint url

Pretty permalinks in Settings > Permalinks are required so that the custom endpoints are supported. Default permalinks will not work.